Who We Are

DARBAIDZE LAW BUREAU (D.L.B.) GEORGIA is an independent legal entity founded in 2018, based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Founding partners of the company are happy to share with you 11 years of successful legal practice and business experience.

D.L.B. works closely together with individual clients as well as local and international business actors who are in need of any type of legal and business services.

Our mission

D.L.B. GEORGIA is committed to provide highest quality legal and business services in order to promote development of legal culture in Georgia and beyond.

Our core values

Practicality: We always seek the course of action that is the best that can be done in every concrete case, considering the present circumstances or in anticipation of a future event.

Partnership: Building partnerships is a cornerstone of our work. In our cooperation with local and international clients, we always strive to establish partnerships that are based on trust and mutual respect.

Responsiveness: We are responsive to the needs of our local and international partners and work to support them to address any legal or business issue on the way of their success.

Commitment: We are driven by a strong commitment to serving our clients with highest possible quality and advancing the mission of our organization, to the benefit of individuals and business entities in Georgia and beyond. 

Integrity: We work transparently and demonstrate accountability to our local and international partners and others with whom we cooperate.

The starting point of our work

The starting point of  D.L.B. GEORGIA’s work is the recognition that enhancement of legal culture is always a matter of international concern and every legal company has a crucial role to play in supporting high standards for the benefit of the whole society. Therefore, our company offers our local and international clients legal and business services at the fair price, minimum investment of time and with maximum possible results.